Balance Exercises Help Reduce Falls

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Balance exercises are one of the critical factors that help reduce the risk and incidence of falling. Are you worried about falling? If so, you are not alone. Statistics reveal that 20 million seniors fall every year. All too often, those falls result in life changing fractures like hip and wrist fractures.   Additionally, the risk of falling — and fall-related problems — rises with age. Maybe you know a loved one who has fallen. Possibly, you are someone suffering the effects of a fall, whether that is physical or emotional. Often times, slipping and falling can not only lead to injuries, but they can also create an atmosphere of being afraid to move for fear of falling agin. That downward spiral leads to more inactivity, weakness, deconditioning and overall great health risks and illness. Please see

Balance Exercises Decrease The Fear Of Falling

Balance exercises are the key to overcoming the fear and frequency of falling. Stability exercises can help you or an older parent you may have who struggles with balance problems. Balance training practiced on a daily basis strengthens balance reactions, increases leg strength needed for stability, improves necessary posture and builds overall confidence. Equilibrium exercises can help reverse the downward spiral of immobility. Simple balance exercise can assist you to get moving again in a safe and confident manner. Stability exercises are a great way to reintroduce a  general exercise routine into your life to increase your quality of life, your positive mood, your overall strength and stamina, and your balance abilities. Balance routines are the first step to overcoming being worried about falling.



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Don’t worry about falling for one more day! Start balance exercises today with the Exercise For Balance DVD to improve balance and prevent falls.