Senior Balance Exercises For Weak Core Muscles

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   many factors lead to better steadiness for older adults including performing leg strengthening and core strengthening exercises, senior balance exercises and certain balance techniques. Please see Medical researchers, doctors and physical therapists have concluded that imbalance is a multifactorial scenario.  Some of the factors that lead to a potential fall in the aging population include:
-Core muscle weakness
-Altered muscle activation patterns
-Loss of proprioception and sensory awareness
-Inability to control normal postural sway
   These factors lead to decreased balance and a greater incidence of falling in the geriatric population. Weak core muscles and poor forward posture are main components of this imbalance issue for older adults. Medical researchers have found that older individuals who participate in fitness programs that include both core strengthening routines and senior balance exercises tend to enhance their stability and reduce their rate of falling.

Combine Senior Balance Exercises And Core Strengthening

   Core Strengthening exercises, postural exercises and senior balance exercises all work together to provide a better upright posture and improved stability for daily activities. You can combine these exercises for an easy routine that can be done daily. as an example, you can start with the equilibrium routine of standing with your body weight centered in the middle of your feet. with your body weight centered, you can adopt a good upright position with your head and shoulders back and hips centered under you. Finally, you can strengthen your core muscles by squeezing your shoulder blade muscles together and tightening your lower abdominal muscles. This upright posture will not only help to improve your balance but it will also increase your core muscle strength. You can learn appropriate strengthening exercises and senior balance exercises by participating with the routine laid out for you in the Exercise For Balance DVD.

Senior Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVDbalance exercises

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