Senior Balance Exercises Help With Visual Problems

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Often times, older individuals suffer from loss of vision, which can lead to imbalance and a need for  senior balance exercises to reduce and possibility of a fall. Please see There are several visual problems that come on later in life. One common problem stems from blurry vision, where the eye and brain has difficulty keeping an object in focus. Blurred vision can come from a number of causes including macular degeneration, which is a gradual onset, central vision affected (central scotoma) without loss of peripheral vision, macular drusen or scarring, neovascular membrane. additionally, blurred vision can be a result of Optic neuritis, which can be due to multiple sclerosis (in which onset of optic neuritis is rapid). Furthermore, senior citizens who struggle with balance and dizziness symptoms often have visual issues stemming from their vestibular system, the inner ear organ that detects all rotatory and acceleration motions. As a result, for al older individuals struggling with visual complications like blurred vision, practicing senior balance exercises is one way to minimize the side effect of imbalance and risk for falling.


Senior Balance Exercises For Visual Problems

      For aging individuals who experience visual difficulties like blurred vision or decreased depth perception with activities like stepping off a curb or going up or down stairs, performing  senior balance exercises is highly recommended to reduce any potential of a fall. To compensate for visual abnormalities, older folks can rely more heavily on their sense of touch. For ambulating in the community like in a crowded grocery store or a park with uneven surfaces, paying attention to your foot placement and sense of touch between your feet and the ground will enhance your sensory feedback to the balance center in your brain. By using a greater amount of sensory feedback, you will be more stable and able to walk on challenging surfaces. To maximize your balance abilities, You can practice certain senior balance exercises and stability techniques presented in the Exercise For Balance DVd and explained by a knowledgeable Physical Therapist.


Senior Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVDbalance exercises

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