Perform Trunk strengthening With Senior Balance Exercises

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       Healthcare professionals and medical researchers desire to provide optimal treatment programs  to maximize stability for older adults, and including both trunk muscle strengthening and senior balance exercises are critical. Please see In order to enhance steadiness and limit  possibilities of falling, it is recommended to participate in fitness programs that include equilibrium exercises as well as trunk strengthening exercises. To be specific, medical researchers Granacher U, Gollhofer A, Hortobágyi T, Kressig RW, Muehlbauer T. studied balance abilities as they relate to functional capacities in older individuals. In their study, The importance of trunk muscle strength for balance, functional performance, and fall prevention in seniors, they looked at balance, strength, activities of daily living and quality of life. According to the researchers, the aging process results in a number of functional (e.g., deficits in balance and strength/power performance), neural (e.g., loss of sensory/motor neurons), muscular (e.g., atrophy of type-II muscle fibers in particular), and bone-related (e.g., osteoporosis) deteriorations. Traditionally, balance and/or lower extremity resistance training were used to mitigate these age-related deficits. However, the effects of resistance training are limited and poorly translate into improvements in balance, functional tasks, activities of daily living, and fall rates. Thus, it is necessary to develop and design new intervention programs that are specifically tailored to counteract age-related weaknesses, resulting in balance deficitis. Recent studies indicate that measures of trunk muscle strength (TMS) are associated with variables of static/dynamic balance, functional performance, and falls (i.e., occurrence, fear, rate, and/or risk of falls). Further, there is preliminary evidence in the literature that core strength training (CST) and Pilates exercise training (PET) have a positive influence on measures of strength, balance, functional performance, and falls in older adults. The researchers showed that  age-related deficits in measures of trunk muscle strength, balance, functional performance, and falls can be mitigated by combining core strength training and senior balance exercises.

Combine Senior Balance Exercises With Trunk Strengthening

          To make the most out of practicing senior balance exercises, researchers found that combining them with trunk strengthening routines will maximize stability for older adults. Currently, one of the popular fitness ptpgrams to build trunk muscle strength includes Pilates exercises. One of the critical aspects of Pilates strengthening is that it can be progressed in a step by step fashion that follows the capacity of each individual. Concurrently, senior balance exercises can also be tailored to each older individual to progress their balance abilities at thier own speed an comfort level. As an example, the professionally filmed Exercise For Balance DVD has the ability to focus on one equilibrium rouitne until the participant is ready to advance to the next exercise.


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