Core Strengthening And Senior Balance Exercises

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   Having strong core muscles and practicing senior balance exercises are two critical components to maintain steadiness in later years of life. Please see In order to understand how older adults change as they age and to recommend essential physical activities that help to limit falls for older individuals, medical researchers have conducted studies that investigated the effects of trunk stabilization exercise on the muscle EMG activations related to core stability and overall balance. In their study, The Effect of Trunk Stabilization Exercises with a Swiss Ball on Core Muscle Activation in the Elderly, Seong Gil Kim et al looked at core muscle strength and balance abilities in senior citizens. The researchers studied Fifteen elderly people in a geriatric hospital who performed trunk stabilization exercises with a Swiss ball for 20 minutes five times per week for 8 weeks. Trunk muscle activations were measured using electromyography before and after the intervention.  The researchers found that after the intervention, the muscle activations of the rectus abdominis, erector spinae, lateral low-back (quadratus lumborum and external oblique), and gluteus medius muscles increased significantly.  The trunk stabilization exercise with a Swiss ball significantly increased the muscle activities of the elderly. Researchers have also concluded that having strong trunk muscles enhances the balance abilities of those in the aging population.

Combine Strengthening And Senior Balance Exercises

         Advances in medical research has shown that a combination of senior balance exercises and core strengthening exercises results in improved steadiness for those individuals in the aging population. trunk strengthening routines can include theraband exercises where the person pulls the band back in a rowing motion. Additionally, trunk strengthening routines can involve the popular pilates moves of tightening the abdominal muscles and partaking in particular arm and leg movements as resistance for the abdominal muscles. furthermore, equilibrium routines can involve standing on one foot near a counter or a table. an advanced stability routine can involve walking heel to toe along a line, which maximizes dynamic stability. You can learn how to appropriately perform these senior balance exercises and strengthening exercises by following the direction of an experienced Physical Therapist in the Exercise For Balance DVD.


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