Senior Balance Exercises For  Tight Muscles

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   Muscle tightness and pain can effect the way we walk and the ability to move with necessary stability, which can be helped by focusing on senior balance exercises as well as relaxing movement activities. Please see more information at In this day and age, many older individuals complain of tight muscles, especially in the lower leg calf muscles. Often aging adults describe experiencing severely painful cramps in their calf muscles in the later evenings or when they are trying to sleep. In conjunction, often times these older folks have stiff ankle joints. Both these conditions of tight muscles and stiff ankle joints can negatively effects ones steadiness and lead to a greater risk for falling and being injured from a fall. Many times senior citizens experience tight muscles because they have had a chronic situation where their muscles are always “on” for 24 hours a day. Even when they are hanging out, relaxing or enjoying themselves their shoulders, upper back, lower back or a calf muscles just won’t seem to relax. Unfortunately, because of experiencing occurrences of previous physical trauma in their lives or overuse of repetitive activities of certain muscles, the muscles learn to stay contracted at all times and fail to be able to relax appropriately. This situation results in tight and painful muscles which creates stiffness at the joints. Furthermore, tight muscles and stiff joints lead to difficulties with overall daily mobility and decreased balance overall with all movement activities. As a result, older adults are encouraged by healthcare professionals like doctors, physician assistants, and physical therapists to perform specific senior balance exercises on a daily basis to help improve joint range of motion and overall steadiness.

Senior Balance Exercises To Be Steady

  To maintain steadiness with all movement activities, especially if you suffer with tight muscles and stiff joints, medical professionals recommend that you incorporate senior balance exercises with daily stretching, strengthening and relaxing movement activitiesTo limit the possibility of a fall and sustaining a spinal, wrist, shoulder or hip fracture, older adults are encouraged to perform senior balance exercises every day. As an example, you can rehearse an beginner equilibrium routine where you stand on one foot and slowly with specific intent move the other foot up and forwards, mimicking taking a step up onto a stair. This combination of a static and dynamic steadiness routine can be performed daily, as well as three times on each leg and can help avoid tripping or falling on stairs or curbs. Far too often, older adults catch their foot on a transition zone between carpet and hardwood floors or tile floors, resulting in a fall and most often a fractured bone. Now, in the comfort of your own home  You can learn how to rehearse this senior balance exercise and other steadiness routines as well as safety tips to keep from falling by joining in with the instruction from a knowledgeably Physical Therapist in the Exercise For Balance DVD.

Senior Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVD

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