Senior Balance Exercises For The Aging Brain

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      In our later years, we experience changes in our body and mind which require us to consider participating in senior balance exercises to help us stay steady and reduce the likelihood of a fall. Please see As the years go by, we may notice changes in our body and mind like a decrease in vision, hearing, muscle strength, sleep patterns and digestion. some of these factors can contribute to decreased mobility and a greater risk for falling. Medical researchers have looked at the aging brain and found some interesting patterns. As an example, when neuroscientists study the aging brain they notice that there are shifts in two types of intelligence. One called fluid intelligencethe speed at which we learn and the speed at which we react. The elements of fluid intelligence can  include focus, concentration and speed. The other type of intelligence is called  ‘crystallized’ intelligence or perhaps wisdom. It is intelligence that is only gained with experience. Crystalized intelligence increases rather than decreases with age. It results from storing life experiences and the knowledge and memory that comes with it. We can combine the ideas of fluid intelligence with Crystallized intelligence to determine that it is essential for older adults to practice certain senior balance exercises as they get older to limit the potential of a fall.

Practice Senior Balance Exercises To Prevent Falls

    With the wisdom of the ages and recognition that body strength and reactions are slowing down, many older adults are realizing their need to perform senior balance exercises to decrease their risk for falling.  Many of us can retell stories of loved ones, neighbors or friends of friends who have fallen and hurt themselves. Additionally, as the years pass, it is recognizable that ones feet are not as agile with movements or it is more difficult to remain steady while walking on soft carpet or grass. With that in mind, the recommendation from healthcare providers, family and friends is for those in the aging population to rehearse equilibrium routines every day to maximize balance abilities and minimize fall possibilities. Steadiness exercises can be as simple as standing on one foot near a counter or table.  This stability exercise as well as a step by step demonstration of other senior balance exercises can be performed in the convenience of your own home by following the instruction on an experienced Physical Therapist in the Exercise For Balance DVD.


Senior Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVDbalance exercises

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