Current Numbers For Balance Exercises And Fall Rate

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    Fall prevention and balance exercises are a critical focus medical professionals to help keep older adults from falling and injuring themselves. Preventing falls from occurring is essential for the viability of the overall health care system, secondary to the massive frequency of falls in the senior population, which result in enormous costs to the medical system. Health care researchers have devoted much time and energy to studying the types of falls that occurred in elderly, the frequency of falls in the ways to prevent falling. Some of the statistics include:
Falls related statistics
• 5.8 million of U.S. adults (16%) >65 year old report a fall in
previous month and 33% in previous year.
• More frequent with advancing age and among Nursing
homes residents (1.6 falls/bed/year)
• Mostly minor injuries, 10-15% of falls result in fracture,
and 5% in serious soft tissue injury or head trauma
• Leading cause (75%) of injury deaths for >65 years
• Account for 87% of all fractures in over 65-year
• About 340,000 hospital admissions for hip fractures
• 60% of fatal falls happen at home, 30% in public places
and 10% in institutions
• 10–25% nursing home falls result in ER visits/hospital care

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 Information On Balance Exercises And Fall Statistics

    In addition to monitoring the numbers related to falls for the elderly, medical researchers have also determined that practicing balance exercises is the most effective way to decrease the incidence of falling for older adults. Performing equilibrium exercises on a daily basis establishes many benefits including increasing the lower leg strength needed for steadiness, enhancing balance reactions at the feet and ankles, advancing mobility at the ankles, which is needed for adapting to walking on various surfaces. Additionally, stability exercises develop a strong brain to body connection that enhances this sensory input from the feet and ankles, resulting in a greater steadiness with all standing and walking activities. Seniors who perform balance routines consistently find that they have less fear of falling and they are more motivated to be active overall. Practicing balance exercises at home has become convenient through the Exercise For Balance DVD, developed by an experienced Physical Therapist.


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