Senior Balance Exercises For Those On Statins

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   Medical researchers are taking a new look at the effects of statins on balance and the need for senior balance exercises. Please see A recent article by Dr. Rein Tideiksaar  raised the question of the side effects of statins and their influence on stability in older individuals. According to Dr.  Tideiksaar, there is no question that statins (a class of medications used to lower cholesterol levels) are beneficial in preventing heart attacks and strokes. However, statins can also cause unwelcome side effects that can increase the risk of falling. A recent study stated that elders have a 50% greater risk of falling when taking a statin. Some of the most common statin side effects that elders experience includes:
Muscle weakness (myopathy)/muscle pain (myalgia). Pain is typically felt as a soreness or tiredness of the muscles. Pain can be a mild discomfort, or it can be severe enough to make daily activities difficult. For example, individuals might find climbing stairs or walking to be uncomfortable or tiring. Muscle pain and weakness are the most common side effects of taking statins.
•    Walking problems and unsteady balance. This is mainly caused by weakness and loss of strength in the legs.
•    Cognitive impairment. These include episodes of confusion, forgetfulness, and memory. Complaints generally start either at the onset of use or after years of using a statin.
•    Cataracts. There is an increase likelihood of developing cataract in persons who use statins. Cataracts not only effect one’s vision, but also the ability to maintain safe mobility.
•    Diabetes. Statins can result in high blood sugar levels and increase the risk of developing diabetes.
•    Sleep problems. These consist of daytime sleepiness and fatigue. Sleep complains are also associated with irritability and cognitive problems.
•    Drug interactions. Up to 80% of people who take a statin are also taking at least one other medication (either prescription or over-the-counter) that has the potential to affect the effectiveness of the statin. As well, this can increase the likelihood of drug interactions and drug toxicity.
As a result, aging individuals who are on statins should also perform certain senior balance exercises to maintain their optimal steadiness.

Reduce Statins Effects With Senior Balance Exercises

  To minimize the possibility of imbalance that occurs with taking statins, you can practice senior balance exercises at home on a daily basis. As an example, one equilibrium routine you can rehearse is standing on one foot. Single leg standing routines will enhance your overall steadiness with all movement activities. You can learn how to perform single leg standing routines and other senior balance exercises by following the instruction of a qualified Physical Therapist in the Exercise For Balance DVD.

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