Simple Balance Exercises For Activities At Home

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      Balance exercises are a key component to keeping seniors safe at home.  Unfortunately, statistics suggest that most of the falls that older adults incur happen at home.  Often times, those in the aging generation fall at home by tripping on a throw rug, falling down stairs or losing their balance and falling when turning in the kitchen or bathroom. Additionally, falls can occur secondary to carrying an object in their hands which throws off their center balance alignment and results in falling to one side or the other. As an example, I have the patient who fell off the last step when carrying a cooler down from the deck. Many times, individuals can fall down stairs secondary to carrying a laundry basket in both hands and not having a hand to hold the handrail. Stability exercises can help improve balance and reduce the risk of falling during home activities.  Please see

Balance Exercises At Home

 Balance exercises and balance training are helpful to improve balance not only for outdoor activities like walking but also for activities in the home like cleaning, cooking and going up and down stairs. Equilibrium exercises should begin in a safe environment near a counter or table, enabling the individual to hold onto the stable object initially.  Stability exercises can be progressed by standing near a stable object but not holding onto it. Balance routines can be further progressed by practicing holding on to an object such as a cooking pan or broom. The individual will have one hand available to stabilize on the counter or table if need be while the other hand is holding an object. By practicing equilibrium exercises while holding onto an object, the balance reactions at the feet and ankles will be emphasized and subsequently strengthened thereby improving balance and reducing the risk for falling. Now you can practice balance routines at home to improve your safety around the house with the Exercise For Balance DVD.


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