Senior  Balance Exercises And Balance Problems

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    Senior Balance Exercises are essential to perform on a daily basis for those individuals over sixty years old and for anyone who is experiencing changes in their feet. Our stability comes from our feet when we are standing and walking. Our feet play an enormous role in providing  sensory input to the balance system in our brain, which is used to determine what kind of surface we are walking on, how high to step up on a curb or step and many other various bits of information. For many of us, as we get along in years, we also experience foot pain on a regular basis. Since our environment has changed over the decades to walking on hard surfaces like cement, hardwood floors, tile, we tend to have more and more foot pain as we go through life. Additionally, foot wear is a big contributor to foot pain. Foot wear can include high heels or flip-flops, which both lead to plantar fascia pain, bunions, heels spurs and general foot pain. Furthermore, for those folks with medical conditions like Diabetes, Peripheral Neuropathy and Sciatica, they can also have foot pain from their medical issues. Lastly, foot pain, which leads to balance problems, can come from general aging patterns like:
-Loss of Type II fast twitch fibers in the muscles in the foot
-Decreased ability to adjust to changes in the surface of the ground like rug or curb heights, grass
-Lower speeds of muscle firing to adjust to uneven surfaces
-Greater number of deformities in the toes, mid foot, rear foot
All of these changes in the aging foot can lead to decreased balance abilities and a greater risk for falling.
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 Senior Balance Exercises To Compensate For Changes In The Foot

Practicing senior balance exercises every day can help compensate for the changes in the foot that are seen with aging. Performing equilibrium exercises can help to build the balance reactions in the feet and ankles to the best of their ability. Stability exercises also enhance leg strength and the brain-body connection that is needed for good steadiness. You can advance balance routines by standing on uneven or soft surfaces to assist in maximizing the firing rate of foot muscles to correct body position during changes in the body’s center alignment. Now, for your convenience, you can practice these senior balance exercises and specific balance strategies at home with the Exercise For Balance DVD.


Senior Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVDPractice Balance Exercises At Home

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