Senior Balance Exercises Proven Effective

By Suzanne Stoke, Physical Therapist @ Exercise For Balance via www.exerciseforbalance.comsenior balance exercises

Senior balance exercises have been a focus of recent medical researchers to determine the effectiveness of specific stability exercises for older adults. Please see  Beacuse the number of seniors falling each year has risen to twenty million, about one in three older adults, healthcare professionals and medical researchers have adamantly focused on the issues that lead to falling and the ways to effectively limit falling in our aging adult population with balance exercises, balance techniques, gait training and leg strengthening exercises.

Senior Balance Exercises To Reduce Falls

Senior balance exercises have been investigated to determine their effectiveness on reducing falls in elderly individuals. Cadore EL, Rodríguez-Mañas L, Sinclair A, Izquierdo M. in their research study, Effects of different exercise interventions on risk of falls, gait ability and balance in physically frail older adults, looked at the benefits of senior balance exercises. The aim of this review was to recommend training strategies, which improve the functional capacity in physically frail older adults based on scientific literature, focusing specially in supervised exercise programs that improved muscle strength, fall risk, balance and gait ability. Scientific literature has proven that balance exercises and balance training is effective. In summary:  Twenty studies which investigated the effects of multi-component exercise training (10), resistance training (6), endurance training (1) and balance training (3) were included in the present revision. Ten trials investigated the effects of exercise on the incidence of falls in elderly with physical frailty. Seven of them have found a fewer falls incidence after physical training when compared with the control group. Eleven trials investigated the effects of exercise intervention on the gait ability. Six of them showed enhancements in the gait ability. Ten trials investigated the effects of exercise intervention on the balance performance and seven of them demonstrated enhanced balance. Thirteen trials investigated the effects of exercise intervention on the muscle strength and nine of them showed increases in the muscle strength. In conclusion, the multi-component exercise intervention composed by strength, endurance and balance training seems to be the best strategy to improve rate of falls, gait ability, balance and strength performance in physically frail older adults.


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senior balance exercises

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