Senior Balance Exercises Help Minimize Functional Losses

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    Practicing senior balance exercises as a daily occurrence is one of the primary ways to stay active at home and minimize the functional losses that occur with aging. Unfortunately, as the years pass by there are typical movement patterns that become more difficult to perform secondary to the natural decline in our balance system. As we age, we become more unsteady on our feet while walking in narrow spaces, like in a bathroom or along a church pew. Turning is more difficult as we age, like when we are cooking or cleaning in the kitchen. Additionally, going up and down stairs becomes a higher risk for falling for seniors. In later years, elderly folks ca have difficulties with tasks such as getting out of a chair or getting out of bed. Eventually, even standing and walking can become challenging for folks with balance problems. Performing stability exercises can help minimize this decline in function and activity level.   Please see

 Senior Balance Exercises Help You Stay Active

By performing senior balance exercises every day, you can reduce the natural decline in functional activities and instead increase steadiness to stay more active. Equilibrium exercises are the foundation to help you improve stability with all standing and walking movements. Practicing balance exercises not only increases steadiness, but they also help to improve endurance for all standing and walking movements. By enhancing steadiness, your muscle strength can be tasked to the movement activities, rather than having to work just to keep you upright. When your balance is better, the fear of falling is reduced, enabling you to have more energy for the actual movement activity and not spend as much energy and angst on trying to keep from falling. As a result, the benefits of practicing senior balance exercises are numerous. Now you can perform a balance exercise routine developed by a knowledgeable Physical Therapist in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace with the Exercise For Balance DVD.


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