Senior Balance Exercises For Those With Chronic Joint Pain

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Senior Balance exercises are essential for folks who suffer with osteoarthritis of joints like the feet, knees and hips. Stability exercises are a gentle way to continue with critical exercises that have multiple benefits.  Balance exercises and balance training assist with building strength in the legs and keeping joints like the ankles mobile. Senior balance exercises enhance the joint lubrication that is necessary for joints undergoing arthritic changes. Equilibrium routines performed in the morning can help to work out the stiffness that occurs over night and greets you when you wake up in the morning.    Please see

Senior Balance Exercises For Every Day

Senior balance exercises  are an essential component of the exercise regime needed in arthritic joints. Part of the aging process we all face is the tissue changes in the cartilage of our joints. As we age, we experience a decrease in the thickness and wearing of joint cartilage, the surrounding ligaments become less elastic, osteophyts or bone spurs are created in the joints and their joint surfaces can become yellow and pitted. The changes result in joint stiffness, pain, intermittent swelling, hypersensitivity to changes in weather, temperature or the barometric pressure.  Consequently, arthritic joints like the knees and hips can be more painful, weak and stiff, which results in impairments in mobility and balance. Balance exercises, mobility exercises and strength exercises are critical to perform on a daily basis to maintain the greatest amount of strength, mobility and balance abilities to stay active, healthy and as mobile as possible for as long as possible. Like we say in Physical therapy, “motion is lotion!”


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