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     Practicing senior balance exercises on a daily basis is one of the key components to advancing longevity for seniors. Please see   The May 2013 National Geographic Magazine has a fabulous article on living to one hundred years old and beyond. The article by Stephen S. Hall, Jr. describes the various factors that researchers are discovering that lead to living over one hundred years. Additionally, the article details factors that contribute to what is referred to as the “wellderly”—those individuals over the age of eighty years old who have no chronic disease, no Diabetes, no cardiovascular disease and are not on prescription medication. Around the globe, researchers have been collecting and analyzing data on individuals who are over the age of one hundred to follow the genetic and environmental components of aging well. For instance, a group of over five hundred New York Jews who are centenarians have an exceptionally high level of good HDL and a subtype CETP, which protects against cardiovascular disease.   Additionally, in Calabria, Italy the university there has an ongoing study of individuals ninety years old and older. They have discovered a common gene that is essential to taste and digestion. This gene subsequently enables the older folks to enjoy the taste of bitter foods like broccoli and field greens, which in turn contain polyphenols that are essential for cellular health and digestion of nutrients. Furthermore, medical researchers have done numerous studies that have proven that senior balance exercises improve balance and prevent falls and the injuries that accompany falls and often lead to the pathway to immobility and even eventual death.

Senior Balance Exercises Promote Longevity

Senior balance exercises are one of the important keys to remaining healthy and active in later years. Across the globe, scientists have been investigating the genetic and environmental components of living longer. In addition to recent breakthroughs in genetic research, Medical researchers have established that equilibrium exercises with specific balance training techniques have many benefits. Stability routines enhance leg strength and the power and speed of balance reactions at the ankles that is needed to correct changes in the body’s weight shifting as well as correct the body’s position to maintain an upright stance. Equilibrium routines also enhance a senior’s confidence and reduces fear of falling, which results in a greater activity level both within and outside of the home. As an older individual fells more confident in their movement abilities, they are able to participate in a larger number of activities that then produces a greater overall sense of wellbeing and enjoyment in life. Thankfully, the Exercise For Balance DVD provides an excellent home senior balance exercise program that can be practiced on a daily basis in the comfort and convenience of a person’s home.


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