Senior Balance Exercises For Those Who Fall

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Falling can be a common occurrence among older individuals, and practicing senior balance exercises has been proven to help.   Please see Sadly, the fall rate among older adults is one in three individuals within a one year time span. Often times, those falls can result in terrible injuries that drastically alter their lives. In recent years, medical researchers have been studying ways to help make our seniors safer, including those who have a history of falling. Hauer K, Rost B, Rütschle K, Opitz H, Specht N, Bärtsch P, Oster P, Schlierf G. in their study, Exercise training for rehabilitation and secondary prevention of falls in geriatric patients with a history of injurious falls, investigated the correlation between practicing senior balance exercises and the rate of falling for those in the older generation.

Senior Balance Exercises Help reduce Falls

Practicing senior balance exercises is one of the main ways older people can prevent falls and injuries due to falling. The researchers mentioned above evaluated the safety and efficacy of an exercise protocol designed to improve strength, mobility, and balance and to reduce subsequent falls in geriatric patients with a history of injurious falls. Their protocol included ambulatory strength training, functional performance, and balance 3 times per week for 3 months. Patients of the control group attended a placebo group 3 times a week for 3 months. Both groups received an identical physical therapy treatment 2 times a week, in which strengthening and balance training were excluded. The researchers concluded that Balance exercises as well as Progressive resistance training and progressive functional training are safe and effective methods of increasing strength and functional performance and reducing fall-related behavioral and emotional restrictions during ambulant rehabilitation in frail, high-risk geriatric patients with a history of injurious falls. Now, you can practice senior balance exercises developed by an experienced Physical therapist in the comfort of your own home with the exercise for balance dvd.


Senior Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVDbalance exercises

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