Senior Balance Exercises Help Forward Bent Posturing

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Working on senior balance exercises on a daily basis is one way to correct a forward leaning posture. Typically, as we age, we tend to adopt a forward leaning position at the trunk. This forward bent posture can result from a combination of several factors including:
-Weak core and trunk muscle strength
-Back pain
-Spinal stenosis
-Stiffness and weakness at the ankles
-Poor posture with prolonged sitting
Unfortunately, a forward leaning position spells double trouble for seniors, since that posturing often leads to falls and serious injuries from a fall. Additionally, with a forward trunk position the individual subsequently has a forward center of gravity beyond their toes, which leads to a greater incidence of falling forwards. This forward positioning also places greater body weight on the anterior portion of the hip, resulting in greater arthritic changes and pain at the hip. Furthermore a forward leaning position also contributes to additional neck and back pain, which contributes to limiting on individuals mobility and further downward spiral of and mobility and lack of independence with activities of daily living. Please see

 Senior Balance Exercises Can Help With Postural Problems

Developing a habit of practicing senior balance exercises is one of the most important ways to reduce postural problems and decrease the risk and incidence of falling. Stability exercises start with learning specific balance techniques that assist in aligning a person’s center body mass over the mid point of their base of support. When an individual concentrates on maintaining their body mass in the middle of their feet, they will have a significant improvement in steadiness, secondary to developing strong sensory feedback from the feet to the balance system in the brain. Additionally, by practicing equilibrium exercises that focuses on aligning ones center body mass, the individual will subsequently develop good upright body posture and also enhance core and trunk muscle strength. Another benefit of practicing stability exercises is the development of strong and speedy balance reactions at the feet and ankles, which also helps to maintain good balance and reduce the risk of falling. You can practice these senior balance exercises, specific balance techniques and appropriate strengthening exercises by following along with an experienced physical therapist In the Exercise For Balance DVD.


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