Senior Balance Exercises Help With Walking Patterns

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Senior balance exercises are critical to perform on a daily basis for older adults in order to help them maintain stability while walking.  As we age, balance abilities, muscle and joint flexibility as well as core and lower extremity strength are all important to maintain a functional and safe gait pattern.  During the aging process, poor posture often results from a decrease in trunk extensor muscle flexibility and strength.  Additionally, in the elderly often times you see the anterior aspect of the vertebral bodies of the spine collapse, resulting in a forward bent posture and a forward weight shifting.  As a result, those of the aging generation tend to have increased kyphosis of the thoracic spine, loss of normal lumbar lordosis, an extreme forward head position and compensatory flexion of the hips and knees.  This forward bend positioning leads towards diminished safety and unstable walking patterns.  Consequently, senior balance exercises and appropriate strengthening exercises are essential for older adults to practice every day in order to maximize their balance abilities and maintain optimal strength and posture. Please see

 Senior Balance Exercises And Gait In Later Life

One of the key aspects of senior balance exercises is to adopt an upright posture and imagine a plumb line directed through the body from the head to the feet.  The plumb line provides an anchor point in the middle of the feet which becomes the balance point, connecting the brain to the sense of touch between the feet and a floor.  By using this balance technique of the plumb line directed through the body, you can enhance your steadiness with all standing and moving activities.  Additionally, by using the plumb line to align the body vertically and a proper upright posture, you will automatically shift your weight from the forward off-balance position to an upright and steady position.  The consequence of walking in an upright position will bear the fruit of good balance and stronger trunk muscles to keep you aligned properly.  Now you can practice the specific balance techniques, senior balance exercises and strengthening exercises in the convenience of your own home with the Exercise For Balance DVD.


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