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“A big thanks to Suzie Stoke Suzie who is a licensed Physical Therapist who has specialized in Balance and Dizziness Disorders for over 25 years, for conducting our “Balance for Life” workshop on the 19th of September.  We had a fun, interactive workshop.  I would encourage you to contact Suzie via her website to purchase her Balance DVD.  It is especially important for those with diabetes and those who are getting older (or both LOL) to learn important balancing techniques.  This will help prevent falls in the future.  Her website is

Exercise For Balance – Learn how to prevent falls and improve balance with a DVD created by a Physical Therapist specializing in balance problems.
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***MOTION THERAEPUTICS– Balance-Based Torso-Weighting (BBTW)  Watch a short video clip on how the BBTW garment helps people with MS, Parkinson’s, Stroke, etc begin to balance and walk normally again


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