As we age, our balance diminishes.

Balance exercises are vital for our well being. As we age, our balance diminishes. Exercise is the key to improve balance. That’s why the Exercise For Balance DVD clearly explains how to balance and the balance and strength exercises needed to improve stability.

The statistics for balance problems
are staggering.

The CDC reports that…

  • 1 in 3 individuals over the age of 65 fall every year. That’s over 20 million.
  • Hospitals average 300,000 admissions for hip fractures due to falling each year.
  • In seniors, falls account for 87% of all fractures.
  • The leading cause of emergency room visits with nonfatal injuries is unintentional falls.
  • Forty percent of nursing home placements are due to falls.
  • For the elderly, falls are often the first step leading towards death.

Don’t let that be the case for you and your loved ones.

Research shows…

Research has shown that balance training and strengthening exercises for those over 65 have reduced the risk of falls and injuries from falling by 35-45%.

Performing balance exercises can also reduce the fear of falling and enable seniors to live active and independent lives.

As the population ages, balance problems have become a focus of medical professionals.

Looking Ahead…

Looking ahead, access to balance experts may become increasingly restricted for seniors, forcing them to develop their balance skills at home. There are numerous balance exercises available on the internet, but limited qualified education on HOW to balance.

There is a huge need for a personal trainer for balance exercises.

balance exercises

In the Exercise For Balance DVD, you will learn from a licensed physical therapist

In the Exercise For Balance DVD, you will learn from a licensed physical therapist, who for the past 25 years has assisted older adults and individuals with medical conditions who suffer with balance and dizziness problems. In the DVD, you will discover the techniques of HOW to balance as well as detailed balance exercises and fundamental strengthening exercises necessary for balance. The professionally filmed Balance DVD is set up for you to progress at your own pace. The DVD includes easy to follow verbal and written instructions to make learning easy.

The DVD comes with an easy to read exercise sheet to be used on a daily basis.

Other balance programs require individuals to download a PDF file, watch a streaming video, or print an eBook. Instead, this DVD and chart can be conveniently used at home.

DVD and chart can be conveniently used at home.

Don’t delay.  Get your Exercise For Balance DVD today and live a “balanced” life.

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