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The Exercise for Balance DVD is the perfect answer to help you preserve an active and independent life. The DVD features a clear description of how to improve your balance and maintain your equilibrium, by a Balance Professional.

Learn Your Balance Exercises From A Professional

Suzie is a licensed Physical Therapist who has been specializing
in balance training for over 25 years.

Suzie is a licensed Physical Therapist who has been specializing in balance training and balance exercise for seniors for over 25 years. Most balance programs only tell you to practice a few basic balance moves.

Suzie will clarify critical information on how your balance system operates, how you find your balance point and specific balance exercises and techniques needed to improve steadiness.

She will teach the most effective approach to perform all your stability exercises for maximum benefit.

Don’t delay.  Get your Exercise For Balance DVD today and live a “balanced” life.

The Exercise For Balance DVD features instructions on:


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Purchase Exercise For Balance DVD

  • Detailed balance exercises
  • How to balance properly
  • Strengthening exercises

With Bonus Material:

  • How to get up from a chair
  • How to get up from the floor
  • Simple changes to reduce the risk of falling at home
  • How to fit and use a cane/walker correctly

Don’t be one of the  20 million older adults who will fall and injure themselves this year. Be your best health advocate and start on a path to better balance and quality of life. You could spend thousands of dollars on medical bills for trips to the ER, hip surgery,  doctor’s office visits and physical therapy. Instead, for the low price of just a single co-pay, you can have a lifetime, personal balance training session with an expert Physical Therapist who guides you through the best balance training program at your pace and by your ability level…

***FOR ONLY $19.95*** 

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REVIEW: “I learned about Suzie’s Balance Exercises while recovering from cancer and a knee injury. The exercises increased my energy and confidence enough for me to return to my daily walking program and dance at my daughter’s wedding.”  Bev I.
REVIEW: “In the  occupational therapy Department where I work,  I treat people everyday after they have fallen and fractured a hip or wrist. I wish they all had seen Suzie’s balance DVD first. She explains the exercises and techniques in a clear and easy to follow manner.” Meg Evans OTR


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