Senior Balance Exercises: Where Accidental Becomes Preventable

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      The habit and benefits of performing senior balance exercises every day is gaining an enormous amount of attention these days as our population ages. See <> Statistics validate that one in every three Seniors fall each year. About 20 million older adults are expected to fall and injure themselves this year alone. More often than not, the consequences of those spills result in debilitating fractures of the wrist or hip or shoulder or even a head injury. Fall prevention is now a wide-spread focus of the health care industry. Fall avoidance is taught in almost every medical facility now to try to reduce the frequency of falling for aging individuals to continue an independent and high quality of life. As you can imagine,  the loss of quality of life that occurs following a fall is substantial. Additionally, healthcare professionals and loved ones hope to diminished the enormously high cost of medical care subsequent to a fall.

Balance Exercises Are Part Of The Solution

      Senior Balance exercises have proven to be a key component in the fight against falling. Balance drills have been determined through numerous research studies to reduce the risk of falling, enhance leg strength, and boost the individual’s confidence. Stability exercises assist in advancing balance skills and balance reactions in challenging environments. Certain Steadiness techniques make standing and walking on uneven surfaces easier like thick carpet, grass, or icy sidewalks. Equilibrium exercises can facilitate getting up out of a low couch or chair and not losing steadiness, like falling all the way forwards, upon standing. Equilibrium specialists, like physical therapists, also have valuable techniques that help to increase safety and prevent falls. There are several ways to safety proof your home to reduce the risk of accidental falls. Therapists can teach viable techniques that help to diminish the risk of tripping on a throw rug and falling or falling downstairs. Balance workouts and balance instruction can transform accidental occurrences into preventable situations, thereby lowering the frequency of falling.

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