Balance Exercises To Prevent Falling

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Balance exercises are beneficial to perform for individuals over the age of 60 years old or for those folks who suffer with neurological or orthopedic problems like diabetes, cancer, peripheral neuropathy or foot drop. Please see  Foot drop is a condition of weakness in the lower leg muscles that leads to ankle instability and a high risk of falling from tripping or dragging the toes on the ground. Foot drop most often affects the Tibialis Anterior muscle in the front of the lower leg below the knee. Foot drop can result from underlying problems of sciatica, crush injuries to the nerves in the leg, anterior compartment syndrome or stroke. Sometimes foot drop is temporary, as in the case of sciatica, and can resolve with physical therapy, exercises or time. In other cases, foot drop is permanent, especially if nerve damage is a component of the problem. If you have foot drop, you may need to wear a brace on your ankle and foot to hold your foot in a normally aligned position.  Furthermore, with foot drop you will want to practice balance exercises to limit additional injuries from the common occurrence of tripping and falling.

Balance Exercises To Prevent Falls From Foot Drop

Balance exercises are essential to improve balance and strengthen the appropriate lower leg muscles that are involved in foot drop. Equilibrium exercises stimulate the lower leg and ankle muscles, which in turn develops proper balance reactions. Stability exercises assist in fine tuning the body’s ability to maintain the person’s weight over their stable base of support in their feet. Furthermore, balance training can also help the person compensate for the weakness in their leg and ankle muscles by maximizing sensory feedback from the feet and ankles to help improve stability.  Additionally, folks with foot drop would benefit from specificly targeted strengthening exercises of the anterior leg muscles to minimize dragging their toes with walking, which could easily result in a fall.


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