Balance Exercises For Skiing Pikes Peak

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    For interested individuals who are advanced skiers and who live near or visit Colorado, there is a phenomenal experience to be grabbed: skiing Pikes Peak. These adventurers need top training in back country skiing, an excellent fitness level (i.e.- there are no chair lifts) and a full compliment of balance exercises to stay upright in deep powder. Please see All in all there are three main lines for skiing the 14,000 foot Pikes Peak. The beginner’s line is in the old Pikes Peak ski area, which features low angles and open glades. The intermediate run is called Little Italy which is a wide couloir in Glen’s Cove. Finally,  The expert line is called the “Y” Couloir which features a steep couloir and takes off right from the summit of Pikes Peak. Before initiating any back country skiing, you need to be well prepared with advanced mountaineering training, topnotch equipment, a high fitness level and impeccable balance skills, which can be honed with balance exercises.

 Balance Exercises For Backcountry Skiing

     before heading into deep snow, whether you are at a pristine ski resort or in backcountry terrain, be sure to develop stellar steadiness in all conditions through practicing balance exercises. For example, one equilibrium routine you can try is standing on one foot on a piece of balance equipment called the BOSU. while on the BOSU standing on one foot add single leg squats to progress your steadiness skills.  You can make this stability routine even more difficult by closing your eyes and eliminating your primary visual input. You can learn other balance exercises to keep you upright in challenging environments by following the directions of a knowledgeable Physical Therapist in the Exercise For Balance DVD.

 Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVDExercise For Balance DVD

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