Senior Balance Exercises For Functional Living

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   Medical scientists are currently looking at ways to keep older adults healthy and mobile, including participating in strengthening and senior balance exercises. Please see more information at Medical researchers have established a working definition of participation in activities of daily living for aging individuals. In fact, the World Health Organization describes individuals’ functioning at a societal level as ‘participation’. Participation is the term endorsed by the World Health Organization to describe individuals’ functioning at a societal level. Defined as ‘involvement in life situations’ , participation is one of three components of function in the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF). Participation restriction includes problems experienced in social interaction, employment, using transportation and community, social and civic life. Participation restriction has been identified in older adults, and the incidence of restriction is increased in individuals at risk of falling, those with a history of falls, or a fear of falling. This has implications for older adults, as participation outcomes are associated with health-related quality of life  and survival. In addition, individuals with health conditions likely to affect functioning (such as stroke and traumatic brain injury) report participation outcomes at the societal level are more important than outcomes at the anatomical/physiological level or the individual level of functioning. Furthermore, in regards to function in terms of mobility, falls are common and create a burden both on the individual and the community. Falls are often injurious and reduce functional ability, confidence, independence and autonomy. The large costs associated with older people falling will increase in the future and present a major problem for health systems and society. Evaluation of falls prevention interventions has focused on rate of falls, impairment of body function (e.g. strength, reaction time) and performance of tasks or activities. However, falls also affect the more complex aspects of functioning such as social participation, which will impact profoundly on the older individual, their caregivers and society. Medical scientists as well as healthcare providers like doctors, physician assistants and physical therapists, have learned that aging individuals who participate in senior balance exercises on a regular basis improve their stability and reduce their capacity for falling.

Senior Balance Exercises For Function

   Aging individuals who practice senior balance exercises can enhance their steadiness with movement activities and limit their possibility of a fall. Since Falls among the elderly represent a major economic and social problem, medical researchers and medical providers have been looking for ways to help older folks decrease their risk for falling.  Falls themselves and the belief that one might fall in fall-risk situations can result in restriction of mobility and activity, feelings of helplessness, loss of confidence, depression, and institutionalization. There is now good evidence that multifactorial interventions conducted by health professionals with skills in geriatric medicine can prevent falls. Multifaceted interventions have generally been consistent in showing an effect, particularly if they are targeting persons at risk and include several intervention approaches, including senior balance exercises such as single leg standing and tandem walking and lower leg strengthening exercises like calf raises and squats. You can learn these specific senior balance exercises and appropriate leg strengthening routines by following the direction of an experienced Physical Therapist in the Exercise For Balance DVD.

Senior Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVD

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