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Balance exercises are one of the four essential components of maintaining vitality while aging. See There are four main walls to healthy aging: exercise, hydration, nutrition and posture. Exercises in general help to keep joints moving and muscles and bones strong for activities of daily living like getting dressed. Balance exercises in particular are essential to assist in improving balance and preventing costly falls. Without exercises, muscles and bones become weaker and less able to resist the forces of gravity with weight bearing activities like walking, standing for cooking or going up and down stairs.

  Balance Exercises Compliment Ways Of Successful Aging

Balance exercises should be performed on a daily basis to establish strong brain body connections for optimal balance reactions. Additionally, good nutrition and adequate hydration need to be taken in every day. Water is an essential element for our bodies. Good hydration assists in keeping joints lubricated and muscles, ligaments, organs and cells throughout our body functioning at their peak performance. Furthermore, as Mom always said, “you are what you eat”. Our bodies require all the essential nutrients from food to maintain levels of calcium in our bones, potassium for our muscle function and much, much more. posture is another critical component of optimal aging. When we succumb to the forward leaning posture, we develop specific spots in our spine that wear out from excessive pressure. those degenerative processes create significant pain, weakness and disability. Forward bent posture also leads to decreased balance and a higher incidence of falling. In summary, we all need proper exercise,including balance exercises, hydration, nutrition and good posture to age well and enjoy our later years.


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