Senior Balance Exercises Help Increase Energy

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As we age, managing fatigue and increasing our energy level is extremely important and can be assisted with performing senior balance exercises. Please see   For aging individuals, it seems  that as the years slip by their energy levels diminish. It feels like fatigue sets in more quickly with all activities. According to psychologist, Dr. Rachel Bilgrei, cognitive (and physical) energy is finite for everyone. If you are using a great deal of this energy to maintain equilibrium and stay steady (something that is normally done automatically), it is unlikely that you will have very much left over for other activities. As a result, fatigue sets in.  Activities that you used to be able to perform with ease and very little effort now require much more effort, leaving you drained of energy. As an example, people who struggle with balance problems often have a fear of falling. That fear automatically drains them of precious energy. Additionally, individuals with disequilibrium often try to contract all their leg muscles, hoping that having tight muscles will keep them from falling. Furthermore, in terms of cognition, medical researchers have found that trying to perform a mental task diminishes an individuals balance abilities, further draining their energy levels. Consequently, it is essential for older adults to practice senior balance exercises as part of a daily routine to maximize their balance abilities and better manage their energy levels.

Senior Balance Exercises Minimize Fatigue

   There are a FEW SPECIFIC STABILITY STRATEGIES AND SENIOR balance exercises that can be performed consistently which will assist in reducing fatigue and enhancing energy levels. For instance, during all standing activities, if you concentrate on aligning your body weight in the middle of your feet, you will improve your balance and minimize the energy needed to be standing. By focusing your attention on your body weight centered in your feet, you will heighten the sensory feedback to the balance center in your brain, maximizing it’s ability to work and reducing the energy output associated with balancing. Additionally, if you practice a senior balance exercise where you are standing on one foot, you will be able to strengthen and speed up the balance reactions at your feet and ankles. Having strong balance reactions will result in better steadiness and less effort spent on trying to stay stable. You can learn these stability strategies and a progression of senior balance exercises in the Exercise for balance DVD, developed by a knowledgeable Physical Therapist.


Senior Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVDPractice Balance Exercises At Home

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