Balance Exercises Can Reduce The Perceived Effort Of Walkingbalance exercises

    Balance exercises have numerous benefits for older adults. Please see researchers have evaluated the positive effects of balance training on the ability to walk and the perceived effort of walking. In their study, Perceived Effort of Walking: Relationship With Gait, Physical Function and Activity, Fear of Falling, and Confidence in Walking in Older Adults With Mobility Limitations  Leslie M. Julius, and Jennifer S. Brach investigated the benefits of a balance exercise program on walking, a person’s perception of the difficulty of walking and reduction of fear of falling. Perceived effort of walking may be a factor in what a person does versus what he or she is able to do. The objective of this study was to examine the relationship of perceived effort of walking with gait, function, activity, fear of falling, and confidence in walking in older adults with mobility limitations. The study concluded that the perceived effort of walking was associated with physical activity and confidence in walking. Reducing the perceived effort of walking may be an important target of interventions to slow the decline in function of older adults with mobility limitations.

Balance Exercises Help Make Walking Easier

    By starting with balance exercises and balance training before initiating a walking program, you will be able to enhance your steadiness and make walking easier, safer and more enjoyable. Stability exercises can be practiced at home on flat, stable surfaces in a safe environment like having a counter or table to grab on to. Over time as you perform your balance routine everyday, you will be able to increase your natural balance reactions at the feet and ankles, enhance leg strength necessary for good balance and improve your overall balance skills. By maximizing your balance abilities, you will have more confidence with walking and less fear of falling. Additionally, with improved balance you will begin to perceive walking as easier and more enjoyable. With a perception of greater stability and less effort to walk, all activities from moving about the house to walking on the sand at the beach or on a trail through a park will become easier and more enjoyable. You can start a balance program in the comfort of your own home  with the Exercise For Balance DVD.


Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVDbalance exercises

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