Resistance Training Plus Senior Balance Exercises

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    Medical researchers are well on their way to finding the optimal combination of fitness programs for older adults to limit falls and improve balance and a combined effort of strength training exercises and senior balance exercises seems to be the best choice. Please see Recently, a study, Prolonged strength training in older patients after hip fracture, was performed by Hilde Sylliaads, et al in which she and her colleagues investigated the best way to enhance steadiness for those in the aging population who had previously fallen and experienced a hip fracture. The researchers  assessed the effect of a 12-week once-a-week prolonged strength-training and balance training program in a group of home-dwelling older hip fracture patients. The researchers found that the intervention group showed significant improvements in strength, gait speed and gait distance, steadiness, instrumental activities of daily living and self-rated health. The researchers results indicate that combining strength training programs with senior balance exercises effectively improve balance and the ability to perform activities of daily living, which translates into greater independence and quality of life for senior citizens.

Synergistic Effects Of Strength Training And Senior Balance Exercises

    Both healthcare professionals and medical researchers recommend older adults rehearse routines that include balance exercises and resistance training programs to advance their balance abilities and their quality of life. For some older folks, strength and equilibrium routines can be combined in the same exercise. As an example, seniors who aim to increase their thigh (Quadriceps) muscle strength, which assists in performing activities like getting up from a chair and going up and down stairs, can practice a squat routine. By performing the knee bending or squatting exercise  without holding on to a counter or chair will challenge the person’s steadiness and simultaneously work on their stability. Additionally, another balance and strength exercise that can be combined involves performing toe raises. In this exercise, the person raises up on their toes, bringing their heels off the ground. Again, by rehearsing this routine without holding on to a stable object, the individual will also maximize their steadiness skills. Now you can learn how to perform these strength exercises and a step by step progression of senior balance exercises by following the direction of a knowledgeable physical therapist in the exercise for balance dvd.


Senior Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVDbalance exercises

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