Senior Balance Exercises For Those With Joint Aging

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   Wear and tear on the joints can come from overuse as well as postural changes, which can be helped with postural strengthening exercises and proper  senior balance exercises. Please see As older adults age, they often assume a forward bent posture at the spine which results in poor balance and the risk of falling forward as well as degeneration in the joints. With the aging process, there is also a reduction in the thickness and resilience of articular cartilage around the bone, resulting in the increased possibility of articular microfractures or damage to the bone. These microfractures can be caused by poor postural alignment, overuse syndromes, obesity, trauma, metabolic disease or hereditary factors. As an example, over 90% of older individuals demonstrate some level of disc degeneration, regardless of clinical signs and symptoms. Additionally, a majority of older adults with joint pain, wear and tear also have imbalance due to faulty postural alignment.  with a forward bent position, the aging individual is more likely to fall forwards and experience a fracture of the wrist, shoulder or even hip. As a result, medical professionals recommend that as people age, they incorporate a program of postural training and senior balance exercises to enhance postural alignment, correct movement patterns and overall steadiness.


Senior Balance Exercises For Proper Posture

    senior balance exercises And postural training is essential for stability and safety with all movement activities. The first step is to practice an equilibrium routine involving standing with your feet shoulder width a part, shoulders back, abdominal muscles tight to align the pelvis and body weight centered in the middle of the base of support defined by the position of your feet. In this position, the joints are properly aligned for good joint health and the weight of the body is centered for maximal stability. Furthermore, in this position you can focus on the sense of touch between your feet and the floor, which optimizes the sensory feedback to the balance center in the brain, thereby enhancing overall steadiness. You can learn these stability tips and a step by step progression of senior balance exercises presented by a knowledgeable Physical Therapist in the Exercise For Balance DVD.


Senior Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVDbalance exercises

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