Senior Balance Exercises For Joint Pain

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     Joint pain can plague older adults as they age, causing a decline in both mobility and steadiness, which can be helped by practicing senior balance exercises  on a daily basis. Please see In later years, joint pain in the hips and knees can be a result of Osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is a chronic degenerative joint disorder having a significant economic impact on our health system world wide. Osteoarthritis is known to be most frequent in the lower extremity, especially the knee joint, where pathological joint impact and shear forces as well as posttraumatic risk factors cause early cartilage degeneration and “joint aging”. The predominant symptoms are
– pain
– a decreased joint range of motion (ROM)
– stiffness
– periarticular muscle weakness and atrophy
– joint effusion and swelling
– and physical disability. Despite the high prevalence of the disease, the pathogenesis and the reasons for progression are not entirely understood: primary Osteoarthritis versus secondary Osteoarthritis, as by, for example, inflammatory diseases and posttraumatic entities. Commonly, Osteoarthritis is characterized by structural changes of the entire joint. Partial to full thickness loss of articular cartilage, subchondral bone sclerosis, osteophyte formation, and thickening of the capsule are the typical clinical and radiological signs. Although radiological changes of Osteoarthritis constantly progress with age, clinical features do not necessarily correlate with radiological findings. As there is no cure for Osteoarthritis, besides different symptoms-reducing drugs as well as joint preserving and replacement surgery, potentially amenable factors in the prevention and treatment of the disease such as muscle function are investigated. It is generally accepted that muscle weakness in Osteoarthritis is due to its atrophy, which is believed to be secondary to joint pain (arthrogenic muscle inhibition). Recent studies, however, suggested that age-related decrease of muscle volume and subsequent weakness is a risk factor for Osteoarthritis. Additionally, with overall muscle weakness, immobility and imbalance are a result. The individual ambulates with decreased balance since the leg muscles are not able to react to ground reaction forces and changes in the environment, creating decreased stability and a greater risk for falling.  Thus, as muscle weakness could be targeted by a strengthening program, senior balance exercises can be implemented for an equilibrium program.

Senior Balance Exercises And Strengthening Exercises

      To combat the progression of Osteoarthritis, the best steps to take include both strengthening and  senior balance exercises. When muscle weakness is present, the development of Osteoarthritis and imbalance is more likely. Thankfully, you can perform steadiness and leg strengthening exercises simultaneously. One such routine involves performing squats on an unstable surface like a couch cushion or lawn chair cushion. on this soft, pliable surface, you can challenge your balance skills while building thigh ( Quadriceps ) muscle strength. You can learn about these stability ideas as well as a series of senior balance exercises developed by an experienced Physical Therapist in the Exercise For Balance DVD.


Senior Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVDbalance exercises

    For older individuals with Osteoarthritis, please begin the best balance exercises with the Exercise For Balance DVD. The easy to follow Exercise For Balance DVD is the ultimate educational DVD to use at home or in a group setting. The comprehensive Exercise For Balance DVD comes complete with the best balance and strength exercises needed to develop senior fitness and to perform basic activities like walking, standing, grocery shopping, stair climbing or to advance to high level activities like playing golf, dancing and hiking. In the up to date Exercise For Balance DVD, you will learn how to improve balance, steadiness techniques and balance routines from a balance instructor— licensed Physical Therapist– who has worked with balance and dizziness disorders for over 25 years. Get your copy of the Exercise For Balance DVD by clicking on the BUY NOW button

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