Balance Exercises For Better Steadiness

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Practicing balance exercises is critical as we carry on in years. As we head into our later years, our balance abilities decrease in their effectiveness and strength. For all of us during our natural aging process, we must diligently work to improve balance in order to reduce the risk and incidence of falling. In our “Golden Years,” we need to perform exercises for balance just like we need to perform strength exercises and mental exercises. Often times, we look to our doctors or the internet for information to help us with proper exercises. Unfortunately, the internet is full of suggestions to just “Stand On One Foot” to enhance stability. Even though this is a common balance exercise prescribed by doctors,  let me tell you, there is more to it. By trying to perform balance exercise routines without the proper understanding of specific stability techniques, you will become frustrated by the lack of progress made towards better balance.  Please see

Balance Exercises And Balance Techniques

Balance exercises need to be practiced in conjunction with certain balance strategies. If we just try to stand on one foot, we will be wiggling all over the place with no long term benefit. We need to have specific balance training to learn how to balance, how to align our center body mass and how to strengthen balance reactions at the feet and ankles. We need to know how to find our balance point first so there is a strong brain-body connection during each balance exercise. Consequently, we will be able to perform our balance exercises with our brains’ engaged and we will see measurable change of improved balance with standing and walking activities. You can learn all the necessary balance exercise routines and balance strategies in the Exercise For Balance DVD.


Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVDbalance exercises

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