Balance Exercises For Poor Lighting

    Balance exercises are important to practice before getting into a challenging situation of poor lighting and slippery footing. Steadiness exercises can help improve balance and prevent falls in difficult environments like being in a dim lighting. Our balance system relies most heavily on our vision to help with stability while walking. When we are at home, we can easily turn on a light or use a nightlight to help with visual input. Outside, however, sometimes we get in a situation where the lighting is diminished and our balance is challenged. At dusk or just before day light, the visual input can be tricky, leading to challenges with equilibrium and a potential for a fall. Please see

Balance Exercises Focus On Sensory Feedback

 Consequently, performing Balance exercises can train the balance system in the brain to focus on sensory feedback from the feet to aid stability while in poor lighting situations. While walking outside at dusk in decreased lighting, it is important to  concentrate on the sense of touch between the feet and the ground to enhance balance abilities.
Watch a short video clip on walking at dusk:

Balance Exercises For Walking In Poor LightingPractice Balance Exercises At Homebalance exercises

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