Reasons For Falling

Statistics show us that as we age our risk of falling increases exponentially. As the baby boomer generation ages, we know that one in three seniors are at risk for falling every year.  Most often, falls occur in a home, secondary to tripping on a rug or items on the floor.  Many times, older adults fall down the stairs after missing a step or slipping on a step.  These falls frequently result in debilitating fractures of the wrist or hip, leading to a significantly declined quality of life and limited independence. The incidence of older adults experiencing a fall can be related to specific factors.

Indicators For Falling

The most common reasons for falling in the elderly population are widely varied. Risk factors for falls include increasing age, muscle weakness, functional limitations, environmental hazards, use of psychoactive medications, and a history of previous falls. Age is also a risk factor for hip fracture. Women over 85 years are nearly eight times more likely than women aged 65-74 years to be hospitalized for hip fracture. White women aged 65 years are at higher risk for hip fracture than black women. Other risk factors for hip fracture include lack of physical activity, osteoporosis, low body mass index, and a previous hip fracture. Poor balance also affects the ability to correct body position and keep from falling. Thankfully, balance exercises can help improve balance and reduce the incidence of taking a spill.


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