Senior Balance Exercises For Optimal Posture

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  Posture is the “air we breathe” for all of us and our posture can be improved through developing a steady platform for good positioning by performing certain senior balance exercises first.   Please see Posture effects our daily lives, every movement we make and every muscle, ligament, tendon and joint in our bodies. Unfortunately, as we age, many times individuals take on a less that optimal postural position, which subsequently leads to stress on underlying structures. Poor positional alignment can result in chronic changes in the musculoskeletal system where some muscles become overactive and painful and some ligaments or tendons change length and are unable to provide the support that they are intended to. As a result, prolonged postural misalignment develops stress and strain on key supporting structures in the body. To be specific, for those people who adopt a forward or flexed position (especially while sitting at a computer or sitting in a recliner or couch watching TV or reading), the anterior shoulder, chest and neck muscles become shortened and the back muscles become lengthened and weakened. These postural adjustments can create many problems including neck pain, back pain, decreased mobility and a greater tendency to fall forwards. As a result, performing specific stretching, strengthening and senior balance exercises can assist in improving posture, muscle balance and steadiness.

Senior Balance Exercises For Better Posture

  Performing  senior balance exercises is the first step to improve postural alignment and to enhance mobility. The first equilibrium routine to develop better posture involves standing with your feet in a comfortable, shoulder width a part manner. In this position, imagine a plumb line going straight through the center of your body into the center of your feet. This plumb line positioning will create  a more upright and centered posture. Additionally, in this position you will be able to enhance the sensory input from your feet to the balance center in your brain, resulting in greater stability. Also, in this upright position, you will minimize the forward bent posture, which leads to a greater incidence of older individuals falling forwards. You can receive excellent posture training and training in how to perform a step by step series of senior balance exercises in the Exercise For Balance DVD, developed by an experienced Physical Therapist.


Senior Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVDbalance exercises

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