Senior Balance Exercises Effectively Reduce Falls

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Minimizing the risk of falling is of high importance among the elderly population and performing   senior balance exercises has been reported as one of the most effective treatments to decrease falling. Please see Medical researchers have shown that  in studies examining the effectiveness of exercise components of falls prevention programs, balance training may be of greater importance than strength and walking programmes in reducing falls. Additionally, poor muscle strength is a risk factor for falls and progressive strength training improves physical function in older adults including tasks such as walking and stair climbing. As a result, those aging individuals who combine equilibrium routines with lower extremity strength training can maximize their balance abilities and workout effectiveness.

Senior Balance Exercises For Fall Prevention

   The effectiveness of practicing senior balance exercises can be seen with both an improvement in steadiness with movement activities and with reduction in fear of falling. The synergistic effect of performing leg strength exercises and equilibrium routines results in optimal stability with movement activities. Appropriate steadiness routines can include standing on one foot for about twenty seconds, three repetitions, once a day. Furthermore, you can advance your balance exercise progression with tandem walking. During tandem walking, you can walk a long a line, heel to toe, down a hallway. In tandem walking, you will challenge your balance reactions in your feet and ankles and prepare your for walking outdoors on uneven terrain like a golf course or hiking trail. You can learn the necessary lower extremity strengthening exercises and senior balance exercises needed to effectively boost your stability by following the direction of a qualified Physical Therapist in the Exercise For Balance DVD.

Senior Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVDSale On Exercise For Balance DVD’s

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