Senior Balance Exercises Assist In Reducing Falls

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   Medical researchers and healthcare providers are continually looking for ways to prevent falls and encourage older adults to participate in senior balance exercises to reduce the risk of falling. Please see A recent study was performed to investigate the feasibility of using new technology to detect falls for those in the aging population. Researchers, Raymond Lee and Alison Carlisle published a study titled, Detection of falls using accelerometers and mobile phone technology. The researchers recognize that more and more senior citizens desire to live at home and have an active independent life. For older individuals, physical activity is important in the prevention of disease and improving the quality of life. However, falls not only occur during daily routines at home like walking the stairs or turning in the bathroom, but they also happen during physical exercise, walking and various forms of physical activity. Medical research has shown that a third of fallers have been observed to develop a fear of falling, which is associated with general anxiety and neuroticism often leading to avoidance of activity. This in itself over the long term may have negative effects on physical abilities with a cyclical pattern of deterioration, social isolation, poor balance abilities and decreased quality of life. The researchers, therefore, set out to determine if  fall detection using mobile phone technology is feasible in the aging adult population. The researchers found that mobile phones can be useful for detecting falls among senior citizens, especially those who live alone.


Senior Balance Exercises Help Decrease Falls

   In addition to using mobile phones to detect falls, medical researchers have also found that performing senior balance exercises on a regular basis can help older adults enhance stability and limit the potential of a fall. Equilibrium routines can start with basic principles like standing with your feet shoulder width a part and centering your weight in the middle of your base of support, established by the position of your feet. Steadiness exercises can progress to tandem stance routines where you stand with one foot in front of the other to develop strong balance reactions at the feet and ankles. You can learn how to perform these senior balance exercises by following the direction of a knowledgeable Physical Therapist in the exercise for balance DVD.


Senior Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVDPractice Balance Exercises At Home

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