Senior Balance Exercises Together With Walking Patterns

By Suzanne Stoke, Physical Therapist @ Exercise For Balance via www.exerciseforbalance.comwalking balance exercises

    For older adults, practicing both senior balance exercises and walking routines are essential to avoid a possible fall and injury. Please see New research has determined that as people age, the risk for falling also increases dramatically. As an example, statistics reveal that one in three individuals over the age of sixty fall each year. Those falls often lead to injuries such as a hip or wrist fracture. Many times, falls for again individuals occur walking in the home, walking out to the car or even walking in the park or grocery store. Consequently, it is critical for older people to perform stability routines that will enhance their steadiness and confidence with moving. Furthermore, rehearsing senior balance exercises and walking patterns together can synergisticly improve both steadiness and walking abilities.

Simple Combination Of Senior Balance Exercises And Walking Routines

    By combining senior balance exercises with simple walking patterns, you can enhance your stability with all movement activities. You can begin your equilibrium routine by standing on one foot to increase static balance abilities. As you advance with static stability, you can progress your program by adding a walking routine such as the one that follows:
Walking exercise –
a. Start walking next to a wall with the hand out for support. As you improve, gradually increase the number of steps without support. Difficulty is raised by narrowing the stance and by walking heel to toe.
b. Walking with head in motion-
Walk with the head in motion going left and right with increasing speed. The stance is narrowed and the person can also move the head in the vertical plane.
c. Walking with Head turns
  • Begin walking at regular speed, with eyes focused on a target straight ahead,
  • After 3 steps turn head and eyes to the right 45 degrees, keeping eyes on a new target, (at eye level) while still walking straight ahead.  Do this for 3 steps, then turn eyes and head back to the center while finding a target.
  • After three steps, turn your head and eyes to the left while walking straight ahead while finding another target.
  • After 3 more steps, turn your head back to the center while walking straight ahead.
  • To increase the difficulty of this task, go from a solid floor to a carpeted floor, or walk outdoors on an uneven surface. Thick lawns usually are the most difficult surface.
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