Today’s Balance Exercises: Mind Over Matter

Consistent balance exercises are an important activity to perform every day and balance techniques should be used throughout the day to assist in preventing falls and the injuries that can occur with falling. Equilibrium exercises target both the balance reactions in the feet and ankles as well as targeting the balance system in our mind to keep us stable during all standing and movement activities.  Our feet and ankles provide essential sensory feedback to the brain to describe where we are in space and how we are moving.  Our brain integrates the sensory feedback from our lower legs as well as information from our eyes and our balance organ in the inner ear called the vestibular system. The brain coordinates all incoming sensory feedback and formulates an outgoing message to the muscles in the body, particularly in the lower legs. Those outgoing motor messages dictate to the muscles how to contract appropriately in order to keep us stable and upright during all movements.

Balance Exercises With Focused Concentration

   When balance exercises are first initiated, the ankles and feet wobble significantly in the attempt to keep the body upright. Beginning a balance exercise program is often very challenging and you feel that you lose your balance every other second. Balance abilities can significantly improve when you engage your mind over the matter of your ankles moving.  By using a specific balance technique, you can concentrate on the sense of touch between your feet on the floor, which will improve your balance reactions enormously.  By concentrating on the sense of touch between your feet and the floor your brain is engaged and able to overcome the fear of falling and the magnitude of wiggling that your ankles perform.


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