Senior Balance Exercises For Those With Chronic Pain

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During our later years, many of us face chronic pain issues that can create secondary balance problems and a need for daily senior balance exercises. Please see When dealing with sore feet, painful knees, stiff hips or a creaky back, there tends to be a shift in the way we walk, which often times throws us off balance. Chronic pain can sometimes be the culprit. Chronic pain is pain that persists or recurs for > 3 mo, persists > 1 mo after resolution of an acute tissue injury, or accompanies a nonhealing lesion. Causes of chronic pain include chronic disorders (eg, cancer, arthritis, diabetes), injuries (eg, herniated disk, torn ligament), and many primary pain disorders (eg, neuropathic pain, fibromyalgia, chronic headache). Unresolved, long-lasting disorders (eg, cancer, RA, herniated disk) that produce ongoing nociceptive stimuli may account completely for chronic pain. Alternatively, injury, even mild injury, may lead to long-lasting changes (sensitization) in the nervous system—from peripheral receptors to the cerebral cortex—that may produce persistent pain in the absence of ongoing nociceptive stimuli. With sensitization, discomfort that is due to a nearly resolved disorder and might otherwise be perceived as mild or trivial is instead perceived as significant pain. Psychologic factors may also amplify persistent pain. Thus, chronic pain commonly appears out of proportion to identifiable physical processes. In some cases (eg, chronic back pain after injury), the original precipitant of pain is obvious; in others (eg, chronic headache, atypical facial pain, chronic abdominal pain), the precipitant is remote or occult. In either case, chronic pain can lead to secondary issues like immobility and imbalance. Consequently, performing a gentle program of senior balance exercises can be beneficial for those with chronic pain.

Senior Balance Exercises For Pain Suffers

        Older individuals who deal with chronic pain are encouraged to rehearse senior balance exercises as part of a regular routine in order to enhance steadiness and reduce any possibility of falling. Since chronic pain can alter the way we walk, performing equilibrium routines can help advance certain balance skills to limit any potential for a fall. As an example, by walking down a hall way heel to toe with a narrow base of support, you will challenge the balance reactions at your ankles, maximizing your steadiness skills. You can learn this senior balance exercises and other stability techniques by following the direction of a knowledgeable Physical Therapist in the Exercise For Balance DVD.


Senior Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVDbalance exercises

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