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    With the recent storms crashing on the coast of California, waves have swollen to mammoth heights, requiring surfers to be in tip top physical shape and have a reservoir of balance exercises at the ready. Please see During this past week, a powerful storm packing heavy rain and high winds tore through Washington, Oregon and California killing at least two people, knocking out power for thousands, flooding major roadways, creating huge surf, causing mudslides and evacuations. The storm called the Pineapple Express is an atmospheric river of sorts that streams moisture from the Pacific tropics toward the West Coast. Wind gusts of up to 147 mph were reported Thursday. The devastation from the storm included a mudslide that blocked a stretch of Pacific Coast Highway with up to 18 inches of mud, Ventura County officials told The Weather Channel. The Los Angeles Times said that at least five cars were buried in mud on the Pacific Coast Highway and that the passengers of those vehicles were rescued. Remarkably, the National Weather Service confirmed that an EF-0 tornado struck a neighborhood in south Los Angeles Friday morning. The storm whipped up hurricane-force winds — and surf conditions on Lake Tahoe, with waves cresting as much as seven feet high. On the coast, waves were reported to be thirty feet high in some areas.  To surf a big wave, riders must be in excellent physical condition and have superb stability, developed by not only years of experience on the board but also time performing balance exercises on dry land.

 Balance Exercises For Extreme Sports

      Practicing balance exercises long before paddling out for a wave is a must in the surfing world.  surfing requires advanced balance abilities. Surfers must be able to transition from a lying to a standing position in a single movement, all while hurtling down the face of a moving wave while aboard un unstable object. Some surf boards, called long boards, offer more stability because of their greater length, usually over six feet in length. Today, however, many surfers prefer short boards for their maneuverability and speed. Shorter boards, however, offer less stability as a trade for the maneuverability. At any rate, it is essential for surfers to practice high level balance activities like single leg standing on a BOSU before they ever enter the water . For examples of balance and strength exercises, you can check out the equilibrium program developed by an experienced Physical Therapist in the Exercise For Balance DVD.


 Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVDbalance exercise dvd

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