Balance Exercises For Arthritic Knee Pain

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    If you suffer with pain from arthritis in the knees, practicing strengthening and balance exercises very day can be beneficial. Please see Healthcare professionals such as doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists have determined that there are certain signs and symptoms that accompany arthritis in the knees. Although the onset of knee osteoarthritis probably involves the entire joint, loss of hyaline cartilage seems to be the signature event.  Medical researchers have found that the presence of inflammation is inconsistent, and is not clearly causative. Most doctors suggest that diagnosis of knee arthritis is both clinical and radiological however, clinical features form the basis of diagnosis. Additionally, physicians find that x-ray investigations are helpful to confirm diagnosis and exclude other possible conditions. Many doctors suggest that the clinical features of arthritis in the knees include:

  • Onset after age 40; usually progressive
  • Asymmetrical, but might be bilateral
  • Pain with weight bearing and morning stiffness (usually < 30 min)
  • Crepitus or reduced flexion (advanced)
  • Tenderness on patellar pressure or over joint space
  • Bone enlargement or deformity (advanced)
  • Absence of heat or inflammation
  • Occasional effusion containing a WBC count < 2000/mm3, with normal viscosity
Radiographic features include
  •   Joint space narrowing—tibiofemoral or patellofemoral
  • Subchondral sclerosis
  • Marginal osteophytes
  • Subchondral cysts
 These findings and can accompany changes in ones activity level including limited walking abilities, painful and limping gait, poor balance and an increased risk for falling. Consequently, it is essential for individuals who struggle with knee pain from arthritis to perform leg strengthening exercises to support the knee joint and balance exercises to minimize the possibility of falling.

Balance Exercises Help With Knee Arthritis

      Healthcare professionals suggest a daily routine of balance exercises and leg strengthening exercises to assist those who suffer with knee pain from osteoarthritis. since painful and stiff knees create an environment of instability and incoordination, it is imperative to work on both strength building exercises for the thigh leg muscles like the quadriceps as well as focus on stability exercises like single stance and tandem stance routines. to develop strong thigh muscles, you can perform mini squats and mini lunges. If you can rehearse these routines without holding on to a counter or table, you will be able to enhance your balance skills at the same time. Additionally, you can rehearse equilibrium exercises like standing on one foot or standing with one foot in front of the other to advance the balance reactions at your feet and ankles. You can learn how to practice these specific strengthening and balance exercises by following the direction of an experienced Physical Therapist in the professionally filmed Exercise For Balance DVD.


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