Balance Training Helps Posture

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Balance training and  balance exercises are a great way to advance balance and facilitate balance reactions in the lower legs, specifically at the ankles and feet. Stability exercises have been demonstrated to show an advancement in leg strength as well. See  Additionally, remember how your mom always told you to stand up straight? Well, it makes a different in your balance abilities as you get older.  Specific balance training has recently been studied to see if it enhances overall postural alignment, especially in the elderly population that struggles with osteoporosis and back pain.

Balance Training For Good Posture

Balance training and balance exercises and their influence on posture was recently investigated by medical researchers, O’Brien K., Culham E. and Pickles B. in their study, Balance and skeletal alignment in a group of elderly female fallers and nonfallers , they  looked at the synergy between balance training, balance abilities and posture. The purpose of this study was to determine whether sagittal plane posture differed between fallers and nonfallers and to explore the relationship between skeletal alignment and balance in elderly females. Spinal posture was measured in standing using an inclinometer, and lower extremity joint angles were assessed in standing using a universal goniometer. The Berg Balance Scale, the Functional Reach Test, and a modified Timed Get Up and Go Test were used to measure balance. Results suggest that knee joint angle was significantly greater in fallers compared to nonfallers. Significant, but low, correlations were found between the inclination of the upper thoracic spine and all three balance measures. Lower thoracic slope and knee joint angle in standing were also weakly related to two of the three balance measures. This study supports the hypothesis that a significant but weak relationship exists between balance and skeletal alignment in elderly females.


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