Balance Training To Reduce Falls Among Seniors And Kids

By Suzanne Stoke, Physical Therapist @ Exercise For Balance via

Balance training is a sure foundation for our very lives when we first began to develop as children and as we age into our later years as seniors. The funny things is that there are many similarities between our early years as children and our later years as seniors— just ask any one in their midlife trying to take care of individuals from both generations. In both seniors and children, balance exercises and balance abilities are critical to prevent falling and to diminish the risk of injuries from falling. See

Balance Training For The Young And Old

Balance training for seniors and children has been a recent focus of medical researchers to help prevent the frequency of falling. Granacher U., Muehlbauer T., Gollhofer A., Kressig R.W. and Zahner L. in their report, An intergenerational approach in the promotion of balance and strength for fall prevention, presented information on balance exercises and balance training for seniors and children. The risk of sustaining a fall is particularly high in children and seniors. Deficits in postural control and muscle strength either due to maturation, secular declines or biologic aging are two important intrinsic risk factors for falls. During life span, performance in variables of static postural control follows a U-shaped curve with children and seniors showing larger postural sway than healthy adults. Measures of dynamic postural control (i.e. gait speed) as well as isometric (i.e. maximal strength) and dynamic muscle strength (i.e. muscular power) follow an inverted U-shaped curve during life span, again with children and seniors showing deficits compared to adults. There is evidence that particularly balance and resistance training are effective in counteracting these neuromuscular constraints in both children and seniors. Further, these training regimens are able to reduce the rate of sustaining injuries and falls in these age groups. As we can see from their study, balance exercises and balance training is significantly important for both seniors and children.

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