Balance Exercises Combined With Sensory Feedback

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     Balance exercises and balance training are important  for people of all walks of life to practice everyday. Balance exercises, including instruction on specific balance techniques,  are critical for those individuals who have certain orthopedic problems like unilateral or bilateral numbness from sciatic nerve issues, medical problems like diabetes, or neurological problems like peripheral neuropathy. For all those involved, balance training is also essential for individuals over the age of 60 years old, secondary to the natural aging process of our sensory system.  For those folks in the older adult generation, many have already noticed the sensory deficits that occur with aging. For the majority of us, as we grow older, each of our five senses becomes weaker and less efficient. To begin with, our eyesight and visual acuity diminishes, making it more difficult to read a book or computer screen as well as making it difficult to see road signs in the distance. As we age, our taste buds become less definitive, making food seem bland and tasteless. Many of us can attest to the fact that as our age increases our hearing abilities decrease, starting with certain pitches or noticeable difficulties with background noise. Additionally, for many individuals gradually growing older in years is accompanied by a decrease in the sense of smell, which has its own set of unfortunate consequences.  Finally, as with the other sensory organs, older individuals also have a diminished sense of touch. Unfortunately, that sense of touch between our feet and the floor as well as the sensory input of the movement at our ankles is critically important for balance abilities.  With a significant decrease in sensory input in our feet and ankles, there is a much greater deficit in balance skills and a significantly higher risk for falling. Please see      now”>

Balance Training Improves Sensory Feedback

   Balance training, therefore, is one of the keys to overcoming the sensory deficits that occur in our sensory organs as we age.  For most older adults, eyeglasses and hearing aids are imperative for daily functioning.  Along that same line, balance exercises are critical to perform on a daily basis to help overcome the loss of natural sensory input from the feet and ankles. Balance training with a knowledgeable expert in the balance field can help you learn the specific balance techniques that are needed to focus on and heightened the remaining sensory input available in your feet and ankles. By practicing balance techniques with stability exercises, you can maximize the sense of touch between your feet on the floor, which results in improving your balance and minimizing your risk for falling.  Now you can practice the appropriate balance techniques and stability exercises at home with the Exercise For Balance DVD.


Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVDbalance training

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