Balance training for older adults

Balance training is very near and dear to the hearts of older adults these days. Thankfully, more and more research is churning out that shows that balance training helps the elderly to improve balance and prevent falls. Steadman J., Donaldson N. and Kalra L.  completed a research study showing that balance training can aid our elderly folks with their balance.

Balance training program to improve mobility and reduce falls in elderly patients

Balance training was the topic of this research article: OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the effectiveness of an enhanced balance training program in improving mobility and well-being of elderly people with balance problems.

INTERVENTIONS: Six weeks enhanced balance training consisting of a series of repetitive tasks of increasing difficulty specific to functional balance.

RESULTS:  More patients reported increased confidence in walking indoors (36% vs 28%; P = .04) and outdoors (27% vs 18%; P = .02) in the enhanced balance-training group. CONCLUSION: Exercise programs significantly improve balance and mobility in patients with balance problems

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