Balance Training For High Level Sports

 Balance training is an essential part of all athletics. Every sport demands different balance exercises and balance training to maximize the performance of the athlete. See  Usually, balance training is the basic foundation for every athlete’s workout routine. Balance training in combination with free weight strengthening exercises can advance performance at every level. Two specific sports come to mind when thinking about high level activities that require extensive balance training and balance exercises: Figure skating and surfing. The balance exercises and balance training necessary for figure skating are extensive. Figure skating combines moving on a razor thin blade, which is an extremely narrow base of support for balance, while performing various spins and jumps. For most of us mortals, staying upright on a thin base of support on the bottom of an ice skate is challenging enough. Additionally, ice skaters pile on even more difficult maneuvers, including spins and various jumps such as triples, quads, double loops, and combination jumps. Furthermore, ice skaters display various spin moves with one or two feet and multiple positions. Ice skaters, therefore, most work on high level balance activities, employing a small base of support and complex movement patterns. Ice skaters can include various balance board routines and other high level balance training equipment, such as the BOSU, Red Disc, and FOAM for balance exercises.

Balance Training For Water Sports

Balance training is also required for the sport of surfing. Surfing is another activity that includes high level balance activities and balance skills.With surfing, the individual is on a moving board on a moving wave. Every surfboard rocks side to side. The surfer must learn to balance their center balance point in the middle of the board while the board is moving. Additionally, the surfer must be able to maintain their balance while hurtling across a moving wave that is constantly changing form. Surfers can advance their balance techniques by working out on balance boards, BOSU and varying compliant FOAM surfaces.

Watch A short VIDEO on balance exercises for surfing:

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