Balance Training Helps Ankle Instability

Balance Training and Balance exercises can assist with that nagging problem of weak ankles that turn easily and ankle instability. If you have unstable ankles from chronic ankle sprains or if you are one of the unlucky ones whose ankles seem to turn every time you walk down stairs or step off a curb, there is help for you–balance training, including balance exercises. A recent research study by Rozzi S.L., Lephart S.M., Sterner R. and Kuligowski L. looked at balance exercises and ankle instability: Balance training for persons with functionally unstable anklesbalance training Watch a VIDEO clip on balance exercises:

  Balance Training For Unstable Ankles

Balance training and Balance exercises were studied to see their impact on folks with unstable ankles. Objectives: To determine the effects of a 4-week balance training program, including balance exercises, during stance on a single leg. Background: Individuals who have experienced multiple episodes of inversion ankle sprains often participate in balance exercises and balance training programs. Balance training is performed to treat existing proprioceptive deficits and to restore ankle joint stability, presumably by retraining altered afferent neuromuscular pathways. Results: Following training, subjects from both groups demonstrated significant improvements in balance ability. Conclusions: This study suggests that balance training is an effective means of improving joint proprioception and single-leg standing ability in subjects with unstable and nonimpaired ankles.


Balance Training In The Exercise For Balance DVDbalance training

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