Balance Exercises And Visual Input

Balance exercises can be helpful to reduce the risk and frequency of falling not only for seniors over the age of 60 who are statistically expected to fall at a rate of one and every three older adults. Additionally, balance exercises can also be beneficial to assist athletes at all level of performance to decrease their incidents of falling during their sport. One critical balance technique employed in balance exercises is to use visual input to enhance balance abilities and reduce the rate of falling.  For instance, during the balance exercises of standing on one foot, it is easier to balance with eyes open and fixed on one object. The best visual input during balance exercises is to look at your feet, which combines visual input with sensory feedback of this sense of touch between your feet and the floor.  See

balance exercisesBalance Exercises Watch Your Step

  These balance exercises and balance techniques have been wonderfully displayed during the Olympic gymnastics events. As you watch the men and women gymnasts perform their routines, you can observe their extreme efforts to keep their eyes on the apparatus for as long as possible while they jump, twist, flip and somersault through their routines. Each gymnast has spent hours working on balance activities and balance exercises throughout the years.  Now as they perform their routines at the highest level of athletic competition it is evident that they watch their step as much as possible to maximize visual input to maintain balance and such extremely challenging movements.

Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVDbalance exercises

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