Balance Exercises And A Wide Base Of Support

Balance exercises are an important part of our daily lives as we get older. See to research, balance exercises need to be practiced every day to build the proper connections between the brain and the body, which help improve balance reactions and balance skills.  Balance exercises can start with easy imbalance routines and progress in several different ways to perform more challenging balance activities.

Balance Exercises And Levels Of Difficulty

One-way to make balance exercises easier or more difficult is to change the base of support that the individual is standing on.  The consistency of the surface can change from a solid surface to a soft surface like foam, pillow or couch cushion. A harder surface is easier to balance on secondary to an increase in sensory information received through the feet and ankles. An even greater challenging surface to balance on can be balance exercise equipment such as a rocker board or BOSU.  Balance exercises can also progress the level of difficulty by using a wide base of support or narrow base of support. A balance exercise where the feet are shoulder width apart in a wide base of support increases the individual’s stability and makes the balance training easier. In this picture of a giraffe, we see the use of a wide base of support that enhances stability and balance abilities.balance exercises
 Watch a Short Video Clip on Balance Exercises with a wide base of support:

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